What is IRS Rejection Code F7004-904-01?

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IRS Rejection Code F7004-904-01

Form 7004, the tax year ending date ('TaxPeriodEndDt' specified in the Return Header) must match the data in the e-file database unless one of the checkboxes in Line 5b - "Initial Return", "Final Return" or "Consolidated return to be filed" is checked.


The date you entered for your business Tax Year End Date does not match IRS records. (This error code is commonly triggered by newly formed businesses. If this is the first year you are filing taxes for your business, then your business will be based on a calendar year for tax purposes. Therefore, you should enter your Business Tax Year as ‘Beginning’ on the date your business was formed, and ‘Ending’ on Dec. 31, 2019. You must also check the box that indicates this is your first year filing taxes for your business. Additionally, you must select ‘Initial Return’ from the dropdown list as the reason your tax year is less than 12 months.) If your business has filed taxes before, you should double-check if your tax year is different than the calendar year. Please review your 7004 extension application to make sure that your Business Tax Year Information has been entered correctly. If you believe that the information you provided is correct, you will need to contact the IRS Business & Specialty Services helpline at 1-800-829-4933 to confirm their official records.

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